Online Brand / Reputation Management

What We Provide

In the bad old days of marketing, you had to pay thousands for market research companies to find out how consumers perceived your brand. Now, almost everyone in the world has a publishing platform on which to vent their thoughts – the internet. Fuzz One knows how to not only find, interpret, but help change consumer sentiment about your brand online.

Our online reputation management services include:

  • Monitoring traditional news websites, social networks, consumer review sites, book marking sites, forums and blogs for mention of your brand
  • Aggregating and analysing the results
  • Monitoring competitor information and industry perception information
  • Building brand recognition and engagement through micro-blogs such as Twitter
  • Strategies for crisis management, and advice on what information about your resolution actions to publish online
  • Discovering trademark infringements on your brand

In a world where consumers are the children in the sweets store, with hundreds of different choices for product and service providers, it is the companies that listen to what consumers are saying and act to keep them happy that prosper. Get a Quote for your organisation to better connect with its customers, leaving them happy and spreading the good word about you, by hitting the button below.

Monitoring Your Brand Online

Online reputation monitoring without the right tools and knowledge is a time-consuming operation. Leave it to us at Fuzz One, for a personal approach to your brand, confidential handling of your information, and expert decoding of what it all means to your bottom line!

We monitor:

  • News websites
  • Social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Bebo and MySpace
  • Review sites such as Epinions, Mouthshut and Yelp.
  • User generated content sites such as Youtube
  • Blogs and microblogs
  • Social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Delicious.

Fuzz One provides early knowledge of things that adversely affect your brand, usually within hours of their occurrence. This is crucial to minimising their impact. If negative content is reproduced enough times across the web in forums and blogs, it may start appearing when a potential customer searches for your business in Google. Fuzz One’s timely services help prevent that.

Analysing Your Brand and Reputation Online

So how many people will see one comment on one forum, anyway? What will it matter if one customer that didn’t understand your company, mouths off on Facebook?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter … and sometimes it will turn away hundreds of your potential consumers. Fuzz One can provide a complete overview of what people are saying about your company online, sit down with you and help you assess the impact of occurrences, how to best capitalise on a buzz and how to go about crisis management.

We look at the following blog, forum, and social networking site characteristics to determine what buzz-building or crisis management steps to take for your company:

  • A site’s Pagerank
  • The number of sites linking to it
  • Their perceived influence

Influence Brand Perception Online

With the increasing importance of Web 2.0 technologies such as forums and social networking websites in how consumers judge products and companies, your brand is a powerful online tool to be used for either good or evil!

Fuzz One’s belief that marketing on the internet involves the same principles and activities as traditional marketing fits wonderfully with online brand management, which requires skilled public relations personnel.

Once Fuzz One has built a picture of exactly what is happening with your brand, we look at how to counter or build on consumer sentiment (as necessary), using your corporate site, your sister or micro-sites, corporate or employee blogs, corporate communications and your partner sites.

Through Fuzz One’s online reputation management services, you’ll also discover ways to reach out to your consumers in a much more cost effective and direct way than any of the traditional advertising media.