Web Marketing Strategy

What We Provide

If you’ve read through the entire services section to this point, you are probably wondering if any website really needs that much work! The answer is sometimes yes, and sometimes no – the beauty of Fuzz One’s approach is that it is tailored specifically to your business. This is why we offer web marketing strategy advice as well as complete search engine optimisation campaigns.

Fuzz One can create and improve web marketing strategies for small business and medium business through the following activities:

  • Gaining an understanding of your business goals and aims
  • Understanding, or developing your marketing mix for the internet
  • Aligning your general marketing strategy with the constraints and possibilities the internet provides, including Web 2.0 phenomena
  • Planning and formulating a strategy for success in web marketing, using the 4 P’s or your marketing mix
  • Implementing and measuring the plan

Marketing on the internet consists of exactly the same principles and activities as traditional marketing, but with different tools. Fuzz One helps you use those tools to their full potential with a comprehensive web marketing plan. To find out more about costs, simply click the Get a Quote button below.

Understanding Your Business’s Goals and Objectives

Despite what pesky language experts will tell you, when it comes to traditional and internet marketing there is a difference between your goals and your objectives. Yet both are equally important to us at Fuzz One in determining your web marketing strategy.

Goals are shorter-term, measurable targets. They should be regular, realistic and achievable … with the right help, of course! Objectives are your reasons for starting and running the business. Along with your goals, they will inform the tools that are best for you, from organic search efforts, to PPC campaigns, to link building, blogging, and social media marketing.

Understanding Your Marketing Mix and Strategy

Fuzz One works on the principles of traditional marketing, and transposes them with expert knowledge and experience to the medium of the internet. The 4 P’s of marketing, or a company’s marketing mix, is the basis of your offering.

Small business and medium business benefit most from having a consistent marketing message across all media, so at Fuzz One we endeavour to understand your mix of Product, Price, Promotion and Place before we set down an internet marketing strategy. Our unique personal focus and close consultation with you allows Fuzz One to do this better than other internet marketing firms.

As well as a technically focused web marketing strategy campaign, we offer campaign broken down with a traditional marketing focus of generating leads, acquiring customers from those leads, and maintaining the relationship by managing your brand online. We let the four P’s guide your internet marketing strategy.

Don’t make the mistake of seeing sales as nothing more than a numbers game – ask us how Fuzz One can help you with not only the science of getting to page one of Google, but the art of turning that traffic into a solid ROI.

Aligning Your Marketing Strategy with the Internet

Sales over the net is more than a game of numbers – the most links, the most keyphrase-dense content, the prettiest site design. It is about the customer, what makes them tick at that very moment, and how your company can pander to that. The four P’s of traditional marketing express it well, that is why we let them guide your online marketing strategy:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place

Fuzz One draws on these time-tested formulae in the context of new technologies to grow your online business. We:

  • Plan with new technologies in mind
  • Monitor the results using the most comprehensive tools
  • Adjust your strategy as necessary according to the results

Planning and Formulating a Web Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing consists of the same activities that traditional marketing does:

  • Lead generation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Brand and Reputation management

A Fuzz One internet marketing strategy covers all of these areas.

Again, in order to attract leads, convert them to customers, and manage your brand, a Fuzz One planned and formulated internet marketing strategy looks at the strengths of your business, and matches them to segments of consumers with particular ‘needs’ (which are actually more often ‘wants’!).

For example, if one of your business strengths is the quality of your product, your target demographic will be customers looking for something that will be durable, perform as required and better expectations. Any internet marketing strategy must focus on this need, and your strength in this area first and foremost.

Implementing and Measuring Your Internet Marketing Plan

Internet marketing, especially if part of your plan is natural search marketing, can take quite a lot of time if you are unused to the activities. Blogs take time to write, PPC ads take time to manage and optimise, links take a lot of leg work to get. Fuzz One does these activities day in and day out, helping small businesses and medium businesses like your rise to the top of their fields. When it comes to implementing your plan, it is often more cost effective and yields better results, when you outsource to experts. You can find out just how much more cost effective in a couple of minutes, by clicking the quick Get a Quote button below.

Measuring the performance of your banner ads, your PPC ads, your different landing pages and the different variants of your ad copy is crucial to maximising your ROI. We at Fuzz One help you determine which parts of your marketing mix are working well for you, and which are underperforming, and can adjust your strategy accordingly, so that your marketing  spend makes you a return.

The internet is a crucial part of your company’s marketing arsenal – but it needs to be utilised with traditional marketing methods in mind. Take a couple of seconds to find out how Fuzz One could be making you and your customers friends, not just acquaintances … and bettering the bottom line for both of you.