Social Media Consultancy

What is Social Media Marketing?

People love to talk to each other – and more than ever, they love the ‘new’ web, where there is a myriad of ways that they can talk, poke, share, pontificate, hug, play Scrabble with and ‘swing a cat at’ their mates. They also love to talk to each other about products and companies that push their buttons – and that is why social media marketing cannot be ignored.

Fuzz One’s social media marketing is a great tool for:

  • Learning what your consumers want, and how to give it to them
  • Testing ideas about new products
  • Changing the perception of your brand, or building a brand personality
  • Generating a buzz about your company, or a particular product or service

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Social Media Strategy

As always, we start with an intimate understanding of your marketing mix and your target audience – letting the 4 P’s guide your online marketing strategy.

We determine which social media it is most appropriate for you to have a presence on, in order to achieve the goals you have for your business. We develop either a self-administered campaign, or a Fuzz One special, that allows you to achieve those goals. You will be building your brand personality, engaging with your consumers, and generating plenty of interest for your services along the way to your goals.

Facebook Advertising

facebook-logoFacebook social networking has become almost universal, and has the advantage that you can target your advertising to users that either have an interest in your products or services personally, or whose friends have an interest in your products or services.

Fuzz One helps you understand whether per click or per impression advertising payments are better for you company, how to attach actions to your ads to help better engage consumers when they are most ready, discover what audience your ads are attracting, and how to use Facebook’s system to target by age, location, gender and other factors.


twitter-logoThe fact that Google and Microsoft are currently battling for a Twitter advertising deal should speak volumes about how important this social networking platform is becoming to your business.

Twitter can either help subtly build your brand and connect you with your consumers, or push relevant products and services directly to people that you know are interested in your company.


linkedin-logo1Remember that social media marketing is nothing more than traditional marketing (at Fuzz One, we never forget!), with all the tools of the internet, and you’ll see that LinkedIn fits nicely under network building.

You never know when your connections will come in handy in real life, and the same is true of LinkedIn. Fuzz One can help you use LinkedIn to:

  • make sales, especially of big ticket items or long term contracts
  • to find partners and suppliers
  • to find new employees
  • to improve your Google Pagerank and your SEO efforts