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What We Provide

The broad advent of geo-location tools on the internet has made relevant, location targeted advertising possible. It has also created a different subset of search marketing that Fuzz One can use to get customers in your door!

Fuzz One provides:

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Oxfordshire

Fuzz One are based in Oxford, allowing us to provide our sought-after personal, attentive service to clients in the Oxfordshire area. We can optimise your business for searchers within the county, who are looking for either region or town specific information.

Fuzz One helps with search engine optimisation for businesses in

Paid Search Marketing – Pay Per Click (PPC) Management in Oxfordshire

If customers are searching for Oxfordshire specific information, they are often ready to buy in the region. They’ve done enough research to decide that a local business suits them best. Now you just need to make it yours, with a Fuzz One, page one, paid search marketing campaign.

Local Search Engine Optimisation Services in Oxfordshire

Local search marketing is also perceived as less ‘commercial’ and more credible than traditional PPC advertising, mostly because it is delivered when a customer is looking for business information anyway.

When customers enter a business type and location into Google Maps, they come up with a list of results determined by Google. Fuzz One does the necessary setup and creates an Adwords account to use for your local search marketing campaign, to ensure you get on page one of your Oxfordshire search results.

Yahoo Local search also has several features that can get your business found in Oxfordshire.  Fuzz One can market you via featured or enhanced listings, as well as creating an Adwords-type, paid search marketing campaign designed specifically for Yahoo local.

Fuzz One can also list you with a host of other up-and-coming local search options, all of which have very impressive traffic numbers. We select the best options for your particular type of Oxfordshire business, depending on your services, products and competition.

Listings with More

It’s frustrating for customers looking for information to find nothing more than an address – Fuzz One ensures better conversion from ad traffic by utilising all of the features of local search listings.

  • Directions
  • Product or service listings
  • Opening hours
  • Customer reviews
  • Photos and videos
  • Coupons and promotions