Local Search Engine Optimisation

What We Provide

One area of search engine optimisation that has enormous potential for business, though many do not realise it, is local search engine optimisation. A large percentage of searches include a location modifier as a keyword, and these geographically constrained searches will also bring the best qualified traffic to your site.

To help get you local traffic, not just on the net, but through your doors, Fuzz One does:

  • Local directory listing
  • Google Maps/Google Local business listing
  • Yahoo Local search lising
  • Windows Live Search Local business listing
  • Yell.com listings (for UK clients)
  • Mobile search/Pay Per Call listings
  • On Page Local SEO Optimisation
  • For US clients – Localised directory listing on 50 Local directories in your State

Local searches bring some of the best quality traffic to websites. Find out how a small investment in Google Maps, postcode search optimisation and other local search marketing methods can make a big difference to your bottom line by hitting the button below.

Local Directory Listing

Well-trusted local hubs are a great way to get local traffic to your site, and have the side benefit of helping your site’s backlink catalogue.


Google Maps Local Business Centre

local_google_logoYou are likely already listed on Google Maps (Google is watching, remember!). But does your listing represent exactly what you’d like it to? You can value add with product lists, photos, extra contact details, sales coupons and other media that help customers decide to buy from you. About 11% of Google’s searches are local ones … people that could walk through your door at any moment! Let us show you how to make them find you.

Yahoo Local Search

yahoo-local-logoYahoo’s impetus for creating Yahoo Local Search was the fact that over 20% of searchers were making geographically constrained searches on their search engine. The statistic has also convinced many businesses that local searches are an opportunity not to be ignored!

MSN Live Local Search

live-local-logoSome searchers prefer Windows (MSN) Live Local Search to Google, for its large, unique and fresh database, the full Boolean searching and the automatic local search options. MSN Live Local Search is a business opportunity you can’t ignore – consumers that are predisposed to use niche businesses, rather than whatever the mainstream throws at them! Fuzz One helps you take advantage of all of the positives of Windows Live Local Search

Yell.com Listing

yell-logo-sm-localYell.com is fast becoming the UK’s Yellow Pages for new-agers. It has plenty of advantages – accurate search results, great advanced search features, and several vertical search types. It holds plenty of potential, and to utilise that, you’ll need expert help with your listings.

Mobile Search – Pay per call

Mobile internet is fast becoming the way of the future, and Pay Per Call is an important part of mobile local searches. There’s a reason that Pay Per Call has the same acronym as Pay Per Click – they both represent a model where you pay only for the people that are interested enough in your ad to contact you.

A recent study by comScore and TMP Directional Marketing showed that a substantial majority of consumers are now turning to search engines first, and print yellow pages second, in order to find local businesses. They are asking Google about ‘Car Rental in Didcot’ or ‘Accountants in Oxford’, not their friends or the local Yellow Pages. It’s a relief, really, because those ads get more expensive every year! However, this makes local search optimisation vital for companies that depend on foot traffic to make sales … is that you?

Fuzz One’s local search marketing campaigns will include advice on what local portals and directories offer the best ROI for listing fees and time. We also look at the content of your pages, as Google is now providing local results even for business searches with generic terms – so a customer located in Banbury who searches simply for a ‘hairdresser’ will have Banbury results returned first.

For some businesses, local search marketing is as essential as having a website itself – let Fuzz One exploit its potential for you.