Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Analysis

Google is the Yellow Pages of the noughties, and will remain so well into the future. With more than 21 billion web pages indexed by Google, and billions more that are not listed, you’ll need expert help for search engine optimisation.

What we do:
On page SEO Consulting

  • Content optimisation
  • Navigation optimisation
  • Site map inclusion
  • Tagging revision

Off page SEO

Search engine optimisation is the science, and the art, of modifying a website’s structure, content and external references so that it’s ‘reputation’ with search engines is as good as possible. It helps you rise above the water-level of all the businesses similar to yours, to be found by the most pre-qualified customers possible. Find out how little it could cost your business – Get a Free Site SEO Review and a Quote by hitting the button below.


On Page SEO Consulting

On page SEO consulting involves looking at what we can do within your website to get the stares and catcalls of the search engines. Content length, relevance and keyphrase density, ensuring that text is not trapped within flash, and looking at your website’s navigation, site map and tagging are all part of the process.

Off Page SEO Consulting

The number, quality and type of websites that  link to your website will bolster its reputation, and therefore rankings, on Google. The design of your site is another important factor in optimising your search engine rankings – Fuzz One can both build and tweak your website’s existing design and source code to ensure that your site architecture is not working against you. We offer expert advice in the science of position-jostling, and leaders in the Brave New World of “Content First!”

Natural search marketing is a holistic discipline, and Fuzz One draws on intelligence from a wide variety of tools and sources to feed the seedling of your campaign.

  • Visitor intelligence from powerful web analytics programs allows us to make informed decisions on keywords for you
  • We look at what works for your competitors
  • And of course, your own knowledge and insight into your company is one of the most valuable tools we have

A mixture of technical expertise, attention to detail, diligence and, frankly, more than a little pickiness are Fuzz One’s qualities that will get your website to page one on major search engines like Google!