Pay Per Click

What We Do


Pay Per Click, or PPC, is one the most cost effective forms of marketing there is – and is only possible through the power of the internet. In the bad old days, you paid for your advertisement to be shown to a newspaper with a readership of 100,000, for example, with no guarantee that any of them saw or paid attention to your company’s ad. Now, you pay only for the people who see your ad and also want to know more. In fact, they want badly enough to know more that they have already taken the first step to it – clicking on your link!

We look at:

  • Keyphrase research to find those that best represent your offering
  • Where your preferred keyphrases intersect with customer search language
  • Your budget
  • The metrics that we will use to measure success
  • Implementing tracking on your site
  • Optimising landing pages to ensure the best opportunity to convert form the clicks you get
  • How to best include your Unique Selling Points in the campaign

PPC Paid search marketing can be worth so much more than your initial investment – use the Get a Quote button to find out how much that could be for your business.


Why Use an Agency for PPC Management?

There are many businesses that implement PPC campaigns for themselves. However, as with many of you business activities, it is often smarter to outsource those that aren’t part of your own core offering. Fuzz One has expertise in:

  • Creating a mix of broad and long tail keyphrases
  • Keyword level monitoring, reporting and management
  • Analysing what your competition is doing, using the most advanced tools on the net
  • Helping campaigns achieve results while sticking to the set budget

We also remove the labour-intensive nature of PPC for your company.

Customer Profiling

Your Pay Per Click ads will generate the most sales leads and do the best work for creating orders and sales when they are targeted to specific customers. Fuzz One profiles your customer using demographics like:

  • Geographic
  • Cultural
  • Economic
  • Power-related
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Knowledge and Awareness

To write the most effective PPC ads possible.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the basis of any paid search marketing activity, just as in organic search optimisation. We help you create targeted, consumer centric keyword lists that will give you the best qualified traffic while maintaining the lowest cost per click.

PPC Platforms we manage

We can set up PPC campaigns on all of the major search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Google Adwords

A bid driven platform that represents an enormous majority of the daily searches for most terms.

Windows Live MSN AdCenter

A smaller search engine, which delivers lower traffic levels, but is cost effective and gives you prospects more likely to convert.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Gaining in popularity, and often more useful for e-commerce sites and those that depend on seasonal sales.

Every different PPC platform requires different specialist knowledge and skilful strategies. Fuzz One can get you outstanding return on your investment in paid search marketing, across all of the following search engines: