Online Media Publishing

Our Network of Websites

In the parallel universe of the internet, good quality, original, fresh and uniquely voiced content is the holy grail for readers, and the most valuable asset a business can have. This gives blog sites, news sites and specialist sites an innate advantage when it comes to search engine optimisation, but also requires specialist methods for SEO.

At Fuzz One, we are online publishers ourselves, with networks of websites relating to our most prominent verticals:

  • Overseas Property Mall
  • Global Construction Watch
  • Total Finance Centre
  • Diamond Connoisseurs

Overseas Property Mall

Overseas Property Mall is Fuzz One’s sister venture and guide to investing in property overseas, with all its potentially enormous rewards, and its pitfalls. With reviews of property available worldwide, the latest news on international property investment, inside news and forums for developers and investors to share tips and ideas that are some of the best trafficked of their niche on the net. Have a look at

Global Construction Watch

Looking at the largest, most amazing, and most worthwhile construction projects worldwide, the Global Construction Watch news site has a large and loyal following of readers who aren’t shy to get involved with the platform. Check it out at

Total Finance Centre

Insurance quotes can be complicated and time consuming – Total Finance Centre makes it easy for UK customers to find the best insurance policy at the best price for their needs. We cover life insurance, mortgage protection, and critical illness cover. Our advice on this site is authorised and regulated by the Financial Service Authority in the UK (reg no 06270741).

Diamond Connoisseurs

Fuzz One’s Diamond Connoisseurs Site welcomes nervous men buying engagement rings, as well as excited women looking for the perfect piece of diamond jewellery, and connects them with stores across the UK with diamonds for all tastes and budgets. The site offers advice on how diamond rings and diamond jewellery are traditionally used, and gives unbiased reviews of the different UK stores that you can buy from.