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June 8th, 2012 3 Comments

The Impact of Social Media on Search Rankings is Getting Stronger

I often get excited when new studies and findings reaffirm experiments already carried out by our team here in Fuzz One Media and discussions with other professionals in the SEO industry.

Searchmetrics recently released their SEO Ranking Factors for 2012 Whitepaper that shows a close correlation between the volume of Facebook shares a web page receives and its rankings on Google search (remember Correlation does not imply causation). Their research also came to the conclusion that too many Google AdSense ads on a page are likely to have a negative impact on search visibility on Google search.

Their study utilised a dataset consisting about 300,000 websites and 10,000 low to high volume search terms from

Social Media Signals that impact on Your Google Rankings

According to Searchmetrics’ whitepaper, the top three ranking factors that correlated with successfully ranking higher on Google are:

  1. Facebook Shares
  2. Number of Backlinks
  3. Tweets

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