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April 2nd, 2012 10 Comments

10 Advanced Google Places Optimisation Tips and Actions

UPDATE: most of the tips in this blog post are now obsolete because of Google Places migration to Google+ Local. We have written an updated blog post with relevant optimisation tips titled: Google+ Local: 7 Vital Things To Know For Optimisation

So you are probably quite happy with yourself – you have  taken the time to list your business (and it’s branches if you have branches) on Google Places. You have probably asked a number of your clients to kindly write reviews about your business on your Google Places page. You buy yourself a pint or a glass of wine (whichever is your preferred poison) for a job well done. Well…wait…you are not quite there yet! With the horrendous amount of competition on Local Search, Here are 10 Ways to take your Google Places page to the next level that’ll make your listings stand out from all your competitors and drive more clicks through to your website:

1. Add More than 10 Business Images

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