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March 28th, 2012 No Comments

Google is Clamping Down on “Over-Optimized” Sites

SEO blogs & forums alike were buzzing at the later part of last week about Google’s recent shutdown and de-index of a major link building network Whilst ‘a proportion’ of the SEO world continues to be stunned about this move, I personally remain adamant as I have always been wary about so called ‘link networks’. I’m not sure if you remember how people carried out dodgy SEO with article networks for a couple of years before Google clamped down on them last year with the Panda update. So called ‘SEOs’ would get low quality articles with a 250 word count written for less than $5 from offshore writers and get them spun into 100 different versions using software in a bid to trick Google. They’d then post the 100 different spun articles to so-called ‘article directories’ for backlinks and higher rankings. It did work for a 2 or 3 years but Google deindexed a large number of article directory sites last year with its unpopular ‘Panda’ Update.

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