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January 2nd, 2014 1 Comments

PaidBook: Why Facebook Ads Now Have to be Part Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

PaidBook: Why Facebook Ads Now Have to be Part Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

No-one can afford to ignore Facebook as the vital ubiquitous social networking communication medium it has come to be: marketers least of all.  But when marketing came into contact  with Facebook it had to unlearn some of its intrinsic habits.

How Facebook Changed Marketing…

In traditional marketing, a message is first created and then disseminated.  It might be something as ingenuous as a late nineteenth century Pear’s ad, as unlikely as the panaceatic claims made for snake oils in the backs of old newspapers or as slickly disingenuous as Don Draper’s masterful rebranding of Lucky Strike in Mad Men; the message was sent out across various media intact.  The marketers produced the message and the public, hopefully, consumed it.  Notwithstanding Burma Shave’s classic attempts to involve its public by having them write its rhymes, the communication was largely a one-way street. Read More »

December 31st, 2013 2 Comments

84 Noteworthy SEO and Social Media Updates of 2013

84 Noteworthy SEO and Social Media Updates of 2013

2013 was an exciting year for digital marketing – it witnessed the rapid rise of Google+, Facebook matured and cemented its position as the number 1 social media platform, Twitter went public and honed in on advertising, YouTube hit a billion unique users a month milestone, LinkedIn’s deeper integration with Slideshare reinforced its business social media lead. 2014 was arguably the year for mobile social media: Vine, Instagram and SnapChat collectively have a userbase of over 250 million users. For SEO, Google’s Hummingbird and In-depth search updates were arguably the most significant Google Algorithm updates over the last five years. Here is a summary of all major Google SEO and Social Media updates in 2013. Use the links below to jump straight into a section and let us know if we missed any updates! Have a Happy New Year in 2014!

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November 16th, 2013 1 Comments

How to Remove Unwanted LinkedIn Endorsements


I use LinkedIn quite often and log into my account at least 3 times 5 times a day for professional social networking and to be nosey. I have gathered a reasonable number of LinkedIn contacts and endorsements from both people I have worked with as well as from total strangers. I have the urge to remove endorsements from strangers or people I am not acquainted with, but LinkedIn does not make the process straight forward. Here is a step by step process of removing LinkedIn Endorsements: Read More »

October 28th, 2013 3 Comments

When to Use a Facebook Local Business Page Vs a Company Page

facebook local business or place and compay organisation institution

Facebook will offer you several options when you set up a page for your organisation.  Usually, though, you’ll find yourself choosing between a ‘Company, organisation or Institution’ page, and a ‘Local Business or Place’ one.  While in some cases the choice is obvious – if you’re a university, you’ll be wanting to be an Institution, not a Local Business or Place – for other organisations the decision can be a little more complex. Read More »

October 23rd, 2013 3 Comments

Twitter #Etiquette: 10 Rules to Keep You On the Straight and Narrow

Twitter #Etiquette: 10 Rules to Keep You On the Straight and Narrow

Twitter has its own rules, available through its Help Centre, in which it details the regulations users must adhere to or risk being permanently evicted from their site.  However, these mostly have to do with impersonating others for gain or repeatedly threatening people with violence, and if you thought those were a good idea on Twitter you’re probably in the wrong place!

For most of us, our Twitter etiquette queries are a little more specific, and have to do with the best way to use Twitter, how to behave gracefully on the site and how to avoid embarrassing faux pas while Tweeting. Read More »

October 21st, 2013 No Comments

Facebook’s New ‘Super-sized Image’ Link Post Format: What You Need To Know


In case you haven’t noticed: Facebook has boosted image size formats for their link share ads and organic posts.  A move that both encourages and recognises the privileged position images have in Facebook users’ eyes.  Now, when a page or person shares a link, the image that accompanies it will be significantly larger on their News Feed.  That’s already become noticeable, especially for people whose News Feeds tend to be image heavy anyway.

Facebook’s Facebook + Journalists page says the ideal image size for posts like this is now 1,200 x 627 pixels, and the minimum is 560 x 292 pixels.

Up until now, several pages (ours included) in effect had to hack Facebook’s post sharing feature by posting a photo with a link to an article in the text prompt.

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October 2nd, 2013 1 Comments

Can Wanelo Take On Pinterest in the Social eCommerce Space?


Twitter and Facebook have radically transformed the ways in which people expect to interact with each other online, but the actual business of selling things and buying them has taken a while to catch up.  Online shopping has been dominated by Amazon, Ebay and the hipster-inflected arts, crafts and vintage site Etsy.  But at their best these outlets lack a built-method of making shopping social. Wanelo sets out to change that, by building a shopping site around the skeleton of a social media network.

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September 4th, 2013 No Comments

8 Interior Design Boards Standing Out On Pinterest

8 Interior Design Boards Standing Out On Pinterest

Pinterest has brought an enormous amount of energy into the world of interior design over the last three years. Having a much more organised and dynamic way to present inspirational ideas instead of relying on ripped out pages from magazines, books – or even searching online and just saving images onto your desktop! It is now easier than ever to share various board categories all in the same place with clients and other Pinterest followers.

These 8 Interior Design Boards lead the social space with high amounts of followers and interaction, but they each stand out on Pinterest for different reasons. Find out below what has helped make them so successful on Pinterest:

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July 12th, 2013 No Comments

Russell Simmons’ is Crowdsourcing the Cover Design of his Next Book in a $2,500 Twitter Contest

I came across this tweet from hiphop mogul, entrepreneur and celeb, Russell Simmons.
He is crowdsourcing the cover art of his soon to be published book “Success Through Stillness” in a single day contest running only today…yes for 24 hours only on July 15th 2013.
Although the winner’s price of $2,500 isn’t at all mouth-watering for the book cover design for a multi-millionaire, they are lessons to be learnt here:

#1.Social Media Potentially Cuts Out Middlemen

Think about the standard way Russell would have gone about getting his book cover designed:

  • Contact his manager
  • Manager contacts their branding agency
  • Branding agency checks to see if they have an internal resource or send an email to their database of trusted freelancers they can outsource the work to
  • They select a designer or a number of designers and send a first draft Russell might not be impressed with
  • If Russell does not like the initial draft – the process repeats itself again

You get the message – this is LONG WINDED!
Instead Russell did the smart thing leveraging his huge twitter following, to advertise the job directly to creative experts.
He also put a tight deadline in to create a sense or urgency (this contest could run all weekend)!

#2. Social Media Can Expose You if You Listen

Whoever wins this contest would get instant gratification and exposure. And if the winner of this contest is an unknown book cover artist, this would be a door opener and game changer for his or her career. All they had was talent, they tunned in and listened to conversations on social media and seized the opportunity with right timing. Twitter and YouTube have unravelled talent over and over again.

#3. Great Publicity

It’s a win-win for both Russell and the winner. Russell gets mentions and write-ups like this one towards the build up of the launch of his book “Success Through Stillness” and the designer would be announced by Russell.

I’m quite impressed and keenly look forward to the outcome.

July 3rd, 2013 1 Comments

10 Top Fashion Brands Inspiring Instagram Right Now!

10 Top Fashion Brands Inspiring Instagram

The hugely popular photo sharing social media platform Instagram, has not been missed out by top fashion brands. I scoured through Instagram and have hand-picked 10 Fashion brands that I consider have the strongest footing in Instagram and as a result successfully gained them a solid marketing presence on this social network. Learn their latest tips and tricks on how to build an attractive Instagram account in a variety of diverse ways.

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