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AdWords Increases Campaign Limit Per Account to 10,000

When I started managing AdWords campaigns in 2005, the campaign and ad group limit back then was a maximum of 25 campaigns and 2000 ad groups per campaign.

Last year, Google quietly increased this limit to 500 campaigns, 20,000 ad groups per campaign and 5,000 keywords per AdWord account.

Just yesterday in response to feedback from current AdWords advertisers,  Google AdWords announced yet another increase to an astounding 10,000 campaigns (includes active and paused campaigns) per account!

All AdWords management outlets like the AdWords Editor, the AdWords API, and all other AdWords services are automatically compatible with the new limits.

Here is a full list of all account creative and ad extension limits:

  • 10,000 campaigns (includes active and paused campaigns)
  • 20,000 ad groups per campaign
  • 5,000 keywords per ad group
  • 300 display ads per ad group (includes image ads)
  • 4 million active or paused ads per account
  • 3 million keywords per account
  • 10,000 location targets (targeted and excluded) per campaign, including up to 500 proximity targets per campaign*
  • 100,000 active ad extensions per account
  • 1.3 million references to ad extensions per account**


Not sure most of our clients would be be reaching the 10,000 campaign limit any time soon. But it is sure to give the flexibility for more testing and targeting at the campaign level – take for instance creating more specific device targeting campaigns e.g. a campaign targeting only iPads run side by side another campaign targeting Android phones only within a specific locale.

The possibilities, combinations and permutations are endless with this 10,000 limit and I intend exploring every avenue.

How would you be using your 10,000 campaign limit on AdWords?

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