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How to Remove Unwanted LinkedIn Endorsements


I use LinkedIn quite often and log into my account at least 3 times 5 times a day for professional social networking and to be nosey. I have gathered a reasonable number of LinkedIn contacts and endorsements from both people I have worked with as well as from total strangers. I have the urge to remove endorsements from strangers or people I am not acquainted with, but LinkedIn does not make the process straight forward. Here is a step by step process of removing LinkedIn Endorsements:

Step 1: Edit Your Profile

  • Click on the E’dit profile’ link on the top navigation area of your profile page
  • Then click on ‘Edit’ in Skills and Expertise area




Step 2: Manage Your Endorsements

  • Click the ‘Manage Endorsements’ link
  • Scroll to the Skill Endorsement you’d like to edit
  • Then Uncheck the Endorsement you would like publicly displayed
  • And Click Save


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  1. Brian Douglas02/18/14 @ 06:02 am

    Hi Kunle

    Thanks for that. I found that if the same person has endorsed you for more than one skill, you need to remove there name from each skill, to completely remove them.
    Kind Regards


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