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10 Top Fashion Brands Inspiring Instagram Right Now!

10 Top Fashion Brands Inspiring Instagram

The hugely popular photo sharing social media platform Instagram, has not been missed out by top fashion brands. I scoured through Instagram and have hand-picked 10 Fashion brands that I consider have the strongest footing in Instagram and as a result successfully gained them a solid marketing presence on this social network. Learn their latest tips and tricks on how to build an attractive Instagram account in a variety of diverse ways.


#1 Guess Showcase Models on Instagram Video

Instagram Video has opened the doors to a real insight of the Fashion Industry which American clothing line @Guess has picked up fast. The brand has already shared several videos since Instagram added it’s new video feature last month. Instead of just posting a photo behind the scenes, the brand has video footage of make up styling and previews of collections. Initially there were some concerns that Instagram video wouldn’t work but Guess have proved otherwise with their neat cover frames and engaging content – keep it up!

A #GUESSGirl transformed by @elleusa #videogram by @guess

#2 Urban Outfitters put Emphasis on Adventure

“Hipster” clothing specialist @UrbanOutfitters say that ”the emphasis is on creativity. Our goal is to offer a product assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand and is persuaded to buy.” The adventure emphasis is seen from a wide array of their posted images: an update from this week ‘Runnin’ the behind the scenes game in Miami’ shows their lifestyle to be fast moving and a passion for being outdoors. With Glastonbury this weekend, the festival season is fast arriving and the brand has showcased all the appropriate content ranging from crop tops to fest bands which feature related hashtags, the main one to watch out for being #festbest, which highlights that these clothes are ultimate festival fashion!
Urban Outfitters

#3 Juicy Couture show their Gold Glamour

@JuicyCouture is a contemporary casual wear and dressy apparel seller which is also thriving on Instagram. Their latest InstaVid ‘Welcome to Charm School’ is a simple yet effective way to showcase their charm bracelets whilst making it fun at the same time. Check out the clever video:

Welcome to Charm School! by @juicycouture

#4 Roxy says ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Have fun’!

The large high-end fashion apparel brand @Roxy launched by its brother brand Quiksilver is proving to be highly popular on Instagram. The focus is on eye catching surfing photography picturing the ideal life for the target audience. Roxy create their own quotes on photos like ‘The world without art is just eh’ and use hashtags to promote their brand across this platform. The results are seen through regularly featuring on the ‘Popular Page’ for Instagram’s most liked images which gives the widest coverage of content.


#5 Zara stays Minimalist

@OfficialZara makes use of the white background on Instagram and the main reason this works is consistency. However on Twitter, they share outdoors and lifestyle images as well as the studio shoots.  One advantage for their Instagram followers is that they are able to quickly to browse what’s popular within the brand. Zara has posted less photos than most other top brands, so it will be interesting to see how this account progresses and whether it will maintain the minimalist look.


#6 Louis Vuitton is all about Elegance, Inspiration & Innovation

Elegance isn’t just reflected by their models @LouisVuitton but from the architectural shots from fashion shows and workshops. They also showcase popular travel locations such as Paris, using hashtags #TravelTuesday and their own personal #LVtravel, keeping up with the latest trends is one of the best ways to get wide coverage across Instagram. Inspiration is represented by celebrities, Karlie Kloss is seen on the red carpet wearing Louis Vuitton. The innovative LV Fashion Trends are highlighted in their images through revealing backstage footage especially of the desirable handbags.

Louis Vuitton

#7 Gap goes Colourful

The first thing that strikes you when you visit @Gap is, wow! It’s so bright and colourful. Currently, their photographs target summer outfit suggestions. What stands out for me is the writing on certain images – it’s either an imperative like ‘Be You’ or relatable phrases such as ‘Beach Ready’. It would appear that brands are becoming more  influenced by these type of images featuring a feel good quote.


#8 Ralph Lauren stays true to American Style

@RalphLauren – a classic example of sophistication. This brand recently posted a photograph showing their alignment with the heritage of Wimbledon offering an official collection of sportswear for men and women. There is build up created for the event by the use of Food Photography too, an iconic image of traditional strawberries and cream. They also use celebrity endorsement such as Johnny Depp who is described as ‘effortlessly cool’ in a Double RL brown ticking stripe double-breasted suit for a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman.

Ralph Lauren

#9 Burberry proves it’s ‘Typically British’

A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London by @burberry
It’s fantastic to see a brand take to Instagram Video so naturally even after such a short space of time. The scenes show ‘A glimpse behind the scenes of the Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 Show. From Establishing Shots of London to Close Ups of models,  a lot of excitement is created for 15 seconds giving a real taster of the event – the quality is good enough to be a short trailer!


#10 Forever 21 live by the motto ‘Wear it. Share it.’

@Forever21 is committed to affordable and current fashion. On their Instagram  ideas are created with a theme of everlasting fashion trends in mind. This idealistic view promotes staying stylish. The brand uses montages of their clothes which works well as it showcases how they make outfits. It’s all about colour and crazy fonts, the page kept refreshed and looks like a mini magazine!

Forever 21 Instagram


So after seeing our showcased fashion icons, which brand has inspired your own Instagram marketing? It is clear to see that these brands’ ideologies without even looking at their about section!Their values are powerfully expressed through a world of photography and now video, which has got off to a flying start! Stay tuned for what happens next with Instagram Video.

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