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12 Ways to Get More People ‘Talking About’ Your Facebook Page & Improve EdgeRank

In 2011 Facebook introduced their ‘People Talking About This’ feature.  Available on Facebook Pages only, the feature allows you to track the number of interactions with your page over the last seven days.  As such, it is a great tool for analysing how many people are directly interacting with your brand on a weekly basis.  ‘Talking About’ is located next to ‘Likes’ but it offers details not of who has clicked ‘like,’ but of who has created what Facebook calls a ‘story’ around your post.  The important difference is that people who just ‘like’ your page might not even be seeing your content on a daily basis; the figures on fans’ engagement are a much better guide to who’s actually paying attention, and that’s what the ‘Talking About This’ service provides.

Facebook Insights Summary - new likes, talking about, weekly total reach

So, how do people Talk About you on Facebook?

 #1. Get more ‘likes’ to Facebook Posts

Likes remain a top metric for understanding what’s going on with your Facebook presence.  This is the number of people who clicked ‘like’ on a post on your page.  Facebook’s Insight section will allow you to look at your likes in more detail, checking on things like the location and even gender of your fans.

#2. Get more Post Comments by Encouraging Conversation on Posts

Comments indicate a greater level of involvement than Likes, and are also likely to propagate greater viral reach – people’s friends are more likely to notice them and either like or comment on the comments, spreading the word about your brand as they do so.

#3. Encourage Your Fans to ‘Share’ Posts

Shares are a great way to spread actual posts from your page to a wider audience.  The posts that get the most shares seem to be those with shorter textual content and accompanying graphics.  Including a call to action to share the post can be a good method too, but if it comes across as puchy it may backfire!

#4. Ask Your Fans Questions to Generate More Comments to Posts

Answering a question can be a key way that people create a story from your page post.  Creating a story is crucial, and questions tend to pull people in and make them feel both empowered and obliged; they can answer a question, and they feel it’s what they’re meant to do.  This can be a crucial way for fans to engage in a conversation with your brand.

#5. Mentions of Your Page in Updates

Whenever your fans mention your content in their own status updates, they create a story which shows up in the Talking About metric.  However, the Talking About This metric only tracks individual users, not individual actions; the same user taking multiple actions will show up only once.

#6. Tag Your Page in a Photo

When your fans tag a page in your photo, they draw attention to the page and create awareness of it amongst their friends, as well as implicitly offering it their approval.

#7. Tag Their Friends in a Photo You Post

This one requires a pre-existing level of engagement.  But if you have enough engagement with your fans that you have photos of them to post, or fans post photos of other fans on your page, their friends tagging them can increase both the reach of your page and the figures of the ‘Talking About This’ metric.

#8. Like Your Page

When people like your Facebook page, they’re announcing a willingness to engage with your business.  They’re announcing that to you, but also to their entire network of friends on Facebook.

#9. Post an Update on Your Page

When fans go so far as to post updates on your page, they’re treating your Facebook page as if it’s their home space.  That’s a great sign, indicating a high degree of engagement.

#10. RSVP to an Event on Your Page

RSVPing to an event on your page is a sign that fans are willing to engage with your brand off Facebook, in reality, which is great in itself.  It also has positive implications for your Facebook presence, since their anticipation, participation and memory of the event will likely be posted on Facebook too.

#11. Check Into Your Facebook Place

Facebook Place lets fans feel that they’re genuinely interacting with your brand.  Physical location can have a powerful effect – just look at the Beatles fans who flock to Abbey Road studios every year.  Sharing a physical space with your brand is a great way for fans to feel more engaged.

#12. Writing a Recommendation About Your Page

Facebook lets you write a recommendation when you like certain ‘local’ facebook pages.  Typically people will recommend the service that the page represents rather than the page itself, though as internet commerce becomes increasingly non-geographical we can expect that to change.  Not only is a recommendation great in itself, but it creates greater virality: now prospective customers are researching what previous customers have to say about your service and being led to your page in the process.

Facebook’s Talking About This metric can offer a far more in-depth look at what people who visit your page are actually doing about it.  By keeping an eye on your Talking About stats, you can figure out which demographics are truly engaging with your content and who ticks ‘like’ and never comes back.  The ‘Talking About This’ metrics allow you to tailor your content towards increasing engagement or encouraging non-engagers to join in the conversation. This should improve your overall Edge-rank, which is what our next Facebook post would cover.

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