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Dodgy Mass Directory Submissions Results to Negative SEO

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You have probably heard of directory submission services that promise to submit your website to a hundreds or thousands of directories and search engine indexes. Well, I like to assume you’d have figured that if something sounds too good to be true, then it most likely isn’t true. Dodgy mass submission directory services have been long established to be a low value and in many cases a negative activity but we never had it confirmed by Google, until today.

Just yesterday, Google’s Webmasters Trend Analyst John Mueller¬†strongly advised against directory submission services by implying that the activity is likely to spark an unnatural link flag against your website to Google, which would result in a significant drop in rankings. Here is a quote from John,

These services are not needed and can even be counter-productive (if they create unnatural links for your site, which would be against our Webmaster Guidelines).

Negative SEO and Directory Submissions

John Mueller’s comments about the negative implications of mass directory submissions sparks a debate on the controversial negative SEO debacle. It begs the question -

What is stopping my competitors from submitting my website to thousands of dodgy website directories?  The plain and simple answer is nothing but conscience (which is unpredictable).

Is this affirmation likely to unleash a new wave of negative SEO?  

How is Google’s web spam team going to tell who is blatantly breaking the rules and who’s been a victim of negative SEO?

The Disavow Links Tool would likely help to a certain degree but would managing dodgy links put in by competitors be one of the daily tasks of SEOs?

It’s all just a really fuzzy area at the moment – perhaps I am a little paranoid!

This is a Typical Dodgy Directory Submission Service

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  1. Brian Burt09/20/13 @ 07:09 pm

    Cool post!

    I like how you really broke down those dodgy directory submissions.

    Fuzzy, indeed.

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