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“10 Minute a Day” Social Media Routine

Many businesses (small & large) often struggle with social media. Measuring it is one thing but the discipline of routine updates is another. We came across an infographic (below this post) that addresses a simple daily social media checklist that can be adopted by organisations of all sizes. I have to put in an early warning here that there is no one-size-fit-all ‘social media plan’ but this routine is sure to get some discipline in place for your social media and get you on the right footing.

We have summarised the infographic as well as added some additional points to help you out below:

Facebook: Daily Actions on your Business Page

  • Update Your Facebook Page Status Daily – I does not take long, does it? Make it part of your morning routine in the office. And with post scheduling, you can plan your posts well ahead of time.
  • Post At Least 2 Interesting Topics A Day – Make sure you keep it relevant to your industry. All of us bump into some interesting facts on the internet throughout the day, so whenever you find one, just post it, but don’t forget to add a brief comment with an opinion maybe, so it does not look automated. If you run out of ideas you may want to try some authority website in your industry. In case you find too many interesting article in one day, don’t shoot all your bullets at once. Schedule posts for the following day or later on in the week when you are stuck.
  • Find and “Like” 1 Page A Day – Here you’ve got a bit more freedom. Apart from industry relevant pages you may also like other pages to show your audience that you have diverse interests. A good idea is to like pages that your fans like – “Know your audience” remember?
  • Ask People to comment, like or share posts – Not much to say really, the more people engage with your page the better.

Twitter: Daily Actions

  • Tweet At Least 3 Times A Day – You should never ever forget to tweet about your new blog or promotional offer but on the other hand loose the sales pitch and don’t be too self obsessed. A completely unrelated funny tweet is very welcome once in a while and shows your followers how cool you are, right!
  •  Follow 10 new People Per Week – Start off with the influential people in your industry, followed by other businesses you have established relationships with and then everyone you think is worth following. Be sure to follow back people who follow you – it’s good manners obviously
  • Re-tweet 2 Interesting Tweets A Day – If you like a tweet in your feed, you may want to re-tweet it. It saves you the time of finding something yourself and also enhances your relationship with the user who tweeted it first. If he knows you like his tweets he will look at you with a good eye.

Google+: Daily Actions on your G+ Page

  • Post At Least Twice A Day – much like on Facebook, try to keep it relevant to the industry with occasional funny post to show your not “all work and no fun”.  As Google+ is still considered a bit more “professional focused” the trend is to share an opinion on the articles you are posting to show you’ve read it all.
  • Add 5 New People Your Circles – Same again, influential people in your industry and anyone you find interesting.
  • Offer Hangout Sessions – Make use of this Google+ feature and host Hangouts for topics in your industry or other issues that concerns your audience. The more sociable you are the better. Educating people also boosts your profile’s authority.

Pinterest: Daily Actions on Your Pinterest Boards

  • Post Images Each Month – As Pinterest is inherently a visual platform, creating original content is not that easy, which is why you need not hurry. Take high quality pictures of your new products or examples of work and upload them regularly. If your business is offering services, try to think of infographics or other ways of visually presented data that can be of interest to your audience. Always use keywords and tags and make sure your pins link back to your website. Although the Infogprahic says you need to add a new board each week, we find that unrealistic. Companies usually have a fixed number of boards, mostly based on the type of products or services they offer.
  • Follow 5 New Pin Boards Per Week– Find and follow interesting pin boards from users in your field. It will give you ideas for your uploads.

LinkedIn: Daily Actions

  • Update Your Company Profile And Status – Although LinkedIn is professional network and posting multiple times a day is not advisable, you need to make sure your company status is updated regularly and your company profile reflect the latest changes in the business.
  • Connect With 3 New People Per Week – Carefully select the people you want to connect with. This is not like Google+ or Tweeter, don’t just send request to everyone you see. If you don’t know the person or you do not have much in common they will probably reject it.
  • Follow 2 New Companies Per Week – Find companies within your industry and follow them to be on top of any updates they are sharing. It is always useful to know what they’ve got to say and of course they may follow you back.
  • Ask For Recommendations – Recommendations are brilliant but if you don’t ask for it the chances of someone sitting down and writing one are much slimmer.

YouTube: Daily Actions on Your Channel

  • Find 3 New Videos To Share on Social Media Platforms Each Week- Videos are great way to communicate messages to your audience. Try to find interesting videos about your industry and share them on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.
  • Subscribe To 1 New Channel Each Week – While searching for videos to share you may stumble on some channels with good content. Be sure to subscribe for them as this will help you a lot in finding interesting videos for sharing in the future
  • Upload A Video About Your Business – This is a great way to expose your business to the audience. Whether it is a video about the services that your company offers, an event or an exhibition you’ve attended or even better, a video testimonial of someone saying how great you are, don’t forget to upload it. In case you have no idea what video to shoot about your business learn from this guy:


  • Write A Blog Post At Least Every Fortnight – Another great way to reinforce your brand exposure online. Try writing a blog posts about hot topics in your industry to show your expertise or focus on services or products your company offers. Keep in mind the SEO value of the blog post and use your target keywords in the title and the content. Do not forget to share your blog post across all your social media profiles. After all, if you don’t brag about it who is going to read it.

A Hint From Us – Bulk Schedule

You’ve got so much to do – posting, tweeting, re-tweeting, blogging, uploading pictures, sharing videos so you might need some help. We recommend using Hootsuite.  The free version allows managing 5 social profiles. Everything you post will appear on all your profiles at the same time. It will save you lots of time and provide consistency across all your profiles. With the scheduled post option you can specify when a certain post should appear and thus keep your pages updated regularly without the need of you doing it manually at certain periods.


WBG Sensible SocialMediaChecklist v2.0 Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business v.2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  1. Blog Hands08/06/12 @ 12:08 am

    Great advice. I’d like to add one thing… add personality to your social media actions. You are directly communicating with other people, this shouldn’t be treated like traditional advertising.

  2. Angie Perez08/06/12 @ 03:08 pm

    Yordan, I wear two different hats in my business. I am in the service (B2B) industry part of my day and (b2c) the other half. I find I get more mileage not in what I post, share or find interesting but in liking and commenting on what my friends posts. I like the FB routine, but asking questions, liking other people’s posts and commenting on what’s important to them is one way not become self-absorbed. Good tips overall. I think you nailed it on the pace of each network. Its funny to me that on LinkedIn the culture there is so different. Even with your suggested tips, I could almost feel how I went from wearing shorts and a t-shirt at a BBQ to back to a business suit and in the board room on LinkedIn.

    • Yordan Vasilev

      Yordan Vasilev08/16/12 @ 03:08 pm

      Thanks Angie

      Virtual communication on LinkedIn and Facebook differs just as face to face communication does. We all watch our words on LinkedIn the way we do it when on a business meeting. It is all about what impression you leave. At least we don’t leave to put a suit on when posting on LinkedIn :)

  3. Marisa Smith (@wholebrainprez)08/16/12 @ 10:08 am

    Hi Yordan, Thanks for posting our Sensible Social Media Checklist on your blog!

    I just wanted to let you know that we’ve decided to create a series of Sensible Checklist Infographics because this one was so popular. Yesterday, we released the Sensible BLOGGING Checklist for Businesses, and it’s now available on The Whole Brain Group’s blog –, along with a link to the downloadable, printable version. Please feel free to share with your readers if it makes sense! Have a great day, Marisa

    • Yordan Vasilev

      Yordan Vasilev08/16/12 @ 03:08 pm

      Hi Marisa

      First of all thank you for creating such a good content. Second, your Sensible Blogging Checklist is really good. I can’t wait to check out your future infographics. I will definitely try and share some, if not all of them, in a post. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Marisa Smith (@wholebrainprez)08/17/12 @ 12:08 am

    Thanks, Yordan – We appreciate the compliment and the support! We’re having a blast creating them too!

  5. Maury08/19/12 @ 07:08 pm

    Great advice – as a video producer we have started to edit smaller clips of our corporate animations and whiteboard animations to fall in line with supplying new content more often on this sort of plan
    – well written! Maury

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