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Negative SEO: 10 Ways To Mess Up Your Google Rankings

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You know how to do SEO right, just follow the best practices and you’ll be fine, but what if you want to go against the flow … you know, do something differently and leave your mark on the world. Well, here are some tips that would help you go against SEO and totally mess up your rankings!

#1 Build links with only non-brand Anchor text!

Google’s most recent update: The Penguin update has changed the link building landscape for good. If you think you can carry out link building with anchor text of the keywords you are targeting FORGET IT – this technique no longer works. Google is starting to look at link text ratio and values sites with more brand name anchors links. So if your eCommerce store sells designer clothing and your website address is mybrand.com, having more anchor link text with the key phrase ‘designer clothing’ in comparison link text of your brand name ‘my brand’ would potentially mess up your rankings. Text link diversity matters!

#2 Buy Links

Google Almighty absolutely forbids buying links for SEO purposes and because Google says it’s bad we all say it’s unethical and it is against the rules. Depending on your luck, you may get your search result rankings down the line or you may get totally wiped out. But if you want to try your luck … go on! Remember J.C. Penney, you won’t be the only one who got their hands burnt!

#3 Build Low Quality Links…on Link Scheme Networks

If you don’t want to buy links, don’t worry you still can ruin your website’s reputation by building only low quality links, profile links and links from spam directories. Hold on, that is not all, here comes your biggest ace – get some online casinos linking back to you, or even better, get some links from foreign language adult oriented web sites!

#4 Ignore Your Site’s Speed

Ignoring you site’s speed could also help you decrease your rankings a lot. Why bother running a site speed optimization check, it’s most probably going to require you to do some further work to improve your site’s speed. Keep calm and carry on, your site’s visitors can have their morning coffee, waiting for your home page to appear.

#5 Get Your Site Full Of Code Errors

We should not forget that websites consist of code and the best way to disrupt the indexing process and confuse search engine spiders is to load your code with errors. How to achieve that? Well, ignore webmasters best practices, do not check and validate your code, keep your code errors, even create some more intentionally if you want and your website is going to shine in the right SERPs!

#6 Use Frames

Apart from looking very outdated, using frames makes it confusing for search engine spiders to crawl your website as they read each frame as an individual HTML document.

#7 Copy and Paste “Original” Content

We all know writing original content is a boring and tedious task, but hey, you know the solution – that’s right- Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. You just need to find some relevant content and then copy and paste it into your own site. After all it was your idea originally, wasn’t it? You just don’t have the time to write it! Too bad you are going to run into Google’s duplicate content filters and end up far behind those guy’s who managed to “steal” your great idea and post it before you had a chance!

#8 Present Text In Graphics

That is a great way to decrease your rankings and waste a lot of money paying the graphic designer. Just give him the pile of cash and ask him to build your entire website of graphics and scripts. Your are definitely going to see a significant drop in the SERPs as the text content of your website won’t be able to get indexed, but hey … it looks cool, doesn’t it!

#9 Stuff Your Content With Keywords

The web runs on keywords and what could be a better way of optimizing that stuffing your content with the keywords you are targeting. Oh, come on, don’t just mention them once or twice, do your job properly, cram it so much that it doesn’t even make any sense. Google will be amazed by your creativity and people would spread the rumour about your great content!

#10 Ignore Keywords

On the other hand, if you don’t want to get ranked for the keywords your readers would use to find your website, just totally ignore them. Keyword research data is so boring anyway!


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  1. Kunle T Campbell06/25/12 @ 09:06 pm

    Great list YV!

  2. Rajendra Reddy11/01/12 @ 11:11 am

    Anchor text keyword doesn’t work anymore ?

    • Kunle T Campbell11/04/12 @ 02:11 am

      @Rajendra – not sure what you mean.
      The long and short of it is that there should be anchor text diversity for link building

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