Google AdWords Certified Professional

Google AdWords Qualified Inidividual Fuzz One Logo Fuzz One is accredited by Google as a qualified provider of AdWords campaign management. Google demands not only strict adherence to standards and guidelines, but also quality advertising that represents exactly what it says it does – of course, anything less reflects badly on Google itself.

Every member of Fuzz One’s Pay Per Click team is a Google AdWords Certified Professional. Each of us has an active AdWords account at all times, and has passed an in-depth exam to demonstrate exceptional knowledge of AdWords.

Fuzz One’s requirements to maintain AdWords Certified Professional status include managing client accounts for three months or more with a minimum spend, passing the exam, and ensuring our relevant staff are all Qualified. It’s not just a Sunday brunch!

Becoming a Certified Professional is not simply a matter of paying a fee to Google … in fact there are no fees involved, only knowledge. If your time is taken up with your core business activities (and rightly so!), hiring a Google AdWords Certified Professional allows you to maintain the efficiency of your company with outsourcing, and also guarantees a top-quality internet marketing job.

Fuzz One’s expert copywriters and search marketers know exactly how to satisfy Google’s quality requirements and maintain their strict standards.